Coronavirus – COVID-19 Update 4 May 2020

We are reviewing advice and instruction from the relevant authorities on a daily basis.


We have ceased initial Class 1 medicals, and will not be resuming these.  Please see the CAA webpage under “Find an AeMC” for contact details of alternative aeromedical centres.


Following detailed risk assessment and modifications to our practice procedures we consider that renewal and revalidation medical examinations present a low risk to our staff and clients. However guidance is constantly evolving, in accordance with the latest guidance we have ceased all face-to-face activities (renewal and revalidation medical examinations, 24 hour Holter ECGs, treadmill exercise stress ECGs and blood tests) with effect 22 April 2020.  Any updates will be posted here.

For full details, please see these documents (these are pdf downloads):

CAA Official Record Series 4 No.1383, General Exemption E5067;

CAA Official Record Series 4 No.1384, General Exemption E5068;

CAA Official Record Series 4 No.1385, General Exemption E5069;

CAA Official Record Series 4 No.1354, General Exemption E5026; Please note that ORS4 No.1354 was superseded by ORS4 No.1383 on 28 April 2020; it is shown here for information.

CAA COVID-19 Guidance;

ORS4 No 1383 Exemption guidance – see sections entitled “Medical Certificate Holders” and “Notes for pilots on medical aspects of ORS4 1383”.

Please also note that compliance with specified additional medical surveillance, if required for an individual medical certificate holder, is still required irrespective of whether the exemption applies. Please read the CAA documents and guidance carefully for full details.

If travelling you will need to check that you are able to get here.

Please do not attend during any period when you would be recommended to self-isolate following current guidelines, or are experiencing any symptoms suggestive of an infection, whether you believe it is COVID-19 or any other infectious illness.  Such symptoms might include coughs and colds, sore throat, fever, shivering, headache, lethargy, altered sense of taste or smell, etc.

Liability for expenses incurred related to cancellation of medical by Aviation Medical Services

In the event that Aviation Medical Services is unable to carry out a medical due to staff illness or isolation, or closure of the practice, or for any other reason, we will endeavour to contact applicants to advise them that we need to cancel their booking in as timely a manner as practicable.  Please note that all bookings are made on the firm understanding that we are NOT responsible for any expenses incurred in attending for an appointment (eg travel and subsistence, hotel, accommodation, time taken off work etc).

We ask for your patience during this exceptional time.

Dr David N Tallent

4 May 2020