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FAA Medicals

We can carry out First, Second and Third Class FAA medical examinations.  In order to streamline the process of attending for an FAA medical, please note the following:


1.  Use of FAA MedXpress is MANDATORY, ie pilots must complete their medical application form on the FAA website https://medxpress.faa.gov/ .  This requires a username and password which are generated during the registration process – these should be recorded in a secure manner.  The application form should be completed BEFORE attending for a medical; it can be accessed by an AME at the medical examination up to 60 days after completion and submission to the FAA by the pilot.  Please print out the FAA form after submitting it.  This printout shows the CONFIRMATION NUMBER which the AME must enter into the system in order to view the submitted application and carry out the medical examination.  An e-mail is sent to the pilot by the MedXpress system, confirming successful submission of the medical application form, this e-mail includes the confirmation number as a useful backup.  In the event that a pilot does not have access to a printer at the time of submitting the medical – please make a note of the confirmation number.

2.  In the event that a pilot has not completed the application prior to the medical, we have facilities for doing this at the time of the medical, but this can cause delays and possibly overruns of medical appointments resulting in inconvenience to others.  If you find yourself attending for an FAA medical and for any reason have not been able to submit your application on MedXpress, please aim to arrive 20 – 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time to allow for this.

3.  MedXpress Form Question 17b “Do you ever use near vision contact lenses while flying?”  This question is commonly answered incorrectly – please read it carefully – in almost all cases of contact lens users the answer is “No”.  Pilots use contact lenses for distant vision, not near vision.

4.  14-day rule:  An AME must complete the input of a medical into MedXPress within 14 days of the medical examination; in the event that a report from a pilot’s treating physician is required but is not available to the AME at the 14-day point, the AME is no longer permitted to issue the certificate and must defer the application to the FAA.  This creates delays in certificate issue.  Such delays can be avoided by pilots obtaining medical reports from their treating physician BEFOREHAND and bringing the report to the medical.

5.  CACI (Conditions an AME Can Issue) worksheets are used for a number of medical conditions, these specify that a report from the treating physician is required.  Common conditions requiring such a report are shown below.  Please contact your treating physician (GP or specialist) in good time to request such a report, so that it is available when you attend for your FAA medical.