Fees (GBP inclusive of VAT at 20%)

Initial Class 1 medical
Initial Class 1 medical (excluding referrals, casework, review reports etc if reqd).
(Deposit 240.00, balance 354.00)
CAA Class 1 medical 170.00
CAA Class 1 medical, ECG 276.00
CAA Class 1 medical, ECG, Audio 320.00
CAA Class 1 medical, Audio 223.00
Full (laboratory/venous sample) lipid test age 40 60.00
Total cholesterol (Point of care/fingerprick) 20.00
CAA Class 2 medical 170.00
CAA Class 2 medical, ECG 193.00
Extra medical (eg FAA in conjunction with CAA) 108.00
Unfit letter including change of fitness status casework (1) 0.00
Aircrew consultation (eg to amend fitness status/issue fit letter) 144.00
Casework – amend Fit status/issue Fit letter (between medicals) 114.00
Casework – amend Fit status/issue Fit letter (at time of renewal/revalidation medical) 72.00
Cardiology external referral 144.00
Referral letter – short 60.00
Referral letter – long 90.00
Review report received/casework (per specialty) – simple(2) 60.00
Review report received/casework (per specialty) – intermediate(2) 144.00
Review report received/casework (per specialty) – complex 498.00
BMI over 35 Administration/Review reports received/casework 144.00
BMI over 35 Blood test/Laboratory fee 60.00
Items of service/administration other than these – individually priced
Laboratory fees as per current lab price list
Occupational medical consultation
Occupational medical consultation/report (per hour) 498.00
Cardiological investigations
Exercise stress ECG – unreported 312.00
Exercise stress ECG – with report 372.00
24 hour Holter ECG including technician’s report 264.00
Respiratory investigations
Exercise spirometry 90.00
Optometry/Colour vision tests
Post-refractive surgery optometry examination 144.00
CAD test 144.00
Farnsworth lantern test 120.00
Giles Archer lantern test 96.00
Offshore medical
OGUK Offshore medical including audiogram 187.00

1. Unfit letter fee is due and payable at time of reinstatement of certification.
2. At our discretion the fee for review of reports received may be waived if the report is available at the time of the medical, no further data is required and a certificatory decision is made at the time of the medical.