• Medical Services

Our Commitment

Aviation Medical Services is committed to:

  1. Providing a high quality service to all patients and clients, who will be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  2.  Maintaining confidentiality of medical records and compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  3. Seeing patients and clients promptly at the time of their appointment.

    Please note that the time of a medical appointment refers to the time at which we plan to start the preliminary aspects of a medical, not the time at which the consultation with the AME takes place – a medical comprises various administrative, technical and medical consultation components depending on the individual circumstances, hence the time that a patient is likely to start the consultation with the AME is irrelevant.

    The total duration of renewal/revalidation medicals is typically 50 – 90 minutes depending on the type of medical or consultation, the required investigations eg ECG, audiometry, blood tests, optometry examination, and whether some or all of these investigations are carried out by technical staff or by the AME.

    Please also note that some patients may require more attention than others, this can lead to delays. Please be patient and understanding in this situation.

  4. Constantly seeking to improve our service standards. We welcome feedback in the form of comments, suggestions or complaints. Please make any comments or suggestions for the attention of the practice manager, preferably by letter or e-mail [email protected]. Please also see our Complaints Procedure.