**** Transport Malta licence holders – Drug/Alcohol Testing ****

Holders of Transport Malta issued professional licences (ATPL or CPL) are required to undergo random drug and alcohol testing from time to time, when attending for a Class 1 medical.  Pilots who have been selected for this will be informed when they arrive for the medical.  Testing will be carried out at Brookdale Medical Centre by a Collecting Officer, and will consist of urine testing for drugs and an alcohol breathalyser test.  The procedure typically takes 50-60 minutes, in addition to the time taken to carry out the medical.  Pilots holding Transport Malta licences should schedule accordingly to allow for the possibility of testing, we anticipate that they will be free to leave, having completed the medical and drug/alcohol testing, approximately 2 hours after their appointment start time.

The results will be passed to Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate Medical Section.

The fee (please see “Drug/alcohol screening surcharge” on Fees page) will be payable by ALL pilots attending for Transport Malta Class 1 medicals, irrespective of whether the pilot is tested at that medical, thereby sharing the cost among all who are eligible for testing.  We feel this is fairer than charging the total cost of testing to the relatively few pilots who are actually tested.
Dr David Tallent
30 June 2022