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Professional Aircrew & ATCO Medicals

Dr Tallent is a qualified AME (Aeromedical Examiner) and can therefore examine all commercial pilots for EU (EASA) medical certificates.  Brookdale Medical Centre is an Aero-Medical Centre, approved by the UK CAA to carry out EU (EASA) Class 1 initial and renewal/revalidation medical examinations.

Aircrew medical certificates for which Dr Tallent is fully authorised include:

  • EU (EASA) Class One initial and renewal/revalidation for Professional Pilots (Please see notes below)
  • EU (EASA) Class Two initial and renewal/revalidation for Private Pilots
  • European Class Three renewal/revalidation for Air Traffic Control Officers
  • CAA Class One for Flight Engineers
  • FAA (US) Class First, Second and Third
  • Canadian

Some aviation authorities require blood tests (eg lipid profile, fasting blood glucose, haemoglobin), cardiovascular risk assessment, stress ECG – we perform all of these in-house.

Note 1: Initial EU (EASA) Class 1 medical examinations are carried out on Thursdays, and Fridays from 6 September 2019.  The charge for an Initial Class 1 medical is £580.00 + VAT (Total including VAT £696.00).  Booking is online or by telephone, a deposit of £200.00 + VAT (Total £240.00 including VAT) is payable by Paypal (if booking online) or by credit/debit card (if booking by telephone) at the time of booking.  The balance of £380.00 + VAT (total including VAT £456.00) is payable on the day of the medical by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.

Please note that this fee does not include referrals, casework, review of medical and operational reports, etc if required. For example an applicant with a significant medical history may be requested to provide a medical report from his GP; following review of the GP’s report we may then need to refer the applicant to a specialist; we will then review the ensuing specialist’s report. This will incur 1 x “Review report received/casework (per specialty)” fee to review the GP’s report; 1 x “Referral letter – short” fee or “Referral letter – long” fee to write the referral to the specialist; and 1 x “Review report received/casework (per specialty)” fee to review the specialist’s report, make a certificatory decision, and referral to CAA Medical Department if necessary. If it is necessary to review a GP’s report, then make referrals to 2 specialists, eg a cardiologist and a respiratory specialist, this will incur 1 x “Review report received/casework (per specialty)” fee to review the GP’s report, and 2 x “Referral letter” fees and 2 x “Review report received/casework (per specialty)” fees in respect of the specialist reports.  Please see “Fees” page.

Psychoactive substance testing: Please note that psychoactive substance testing is included as part of all initial Class 1 medical examinations. This will include a screening test, consisting of breath alcohol screening and mouth swab drug screening. If this screening test is positive, evidential testing will be carried out, and the case referred to the CAA.  In the event of an abnormal screening test, additional laboratory and administrative fees will be charged for evidential testing on an individual basis depending on the substance or substances for which evidential testing is required.

Cancellation Policy, Non-attendance, changes to appointment, ineligibility for medical (UPDATED 17 March 2020 to reflect our COVID-19 policy):

1. An appointment may be cancelled at any time, the balance of £380.00 + VAT will not be charged.  The deposit will be refunded in full if notice of cancellation prior to the appointment is received by e-mail to medicals@avmed.org.uk.

2.  Non-attendance:  The balance of £380.00 + VAT will not be charged; the deposit is non-refundable.

3.  Changes, postponements:  An appointment can be cancelled and a new appointment booked at any time, by sending an e-mail to medicals@avmed.org.uk:  The deposit will be transferred to the new booking in full; the new booking must be made by telephone to avoid paying a further deposit (ie Cancel old booking by e-mail, include a statement “I will call to book a new appointment” in the e-mail AND book new appointment by telephone).

4.  In the case of an applicant who attends at the appointed time but is ineligible for a medical examination for any reason (common reasons: SOLI issues, failure to present valid passport), the deposit is non-refundable, however the balance of £380.00 + VAT (total including VAT £456.00) will be waived.

Note 2: Applicants wishing to obtain a UK CAA EU (EASA) Licence, who hold, or have held, a JAA or EU (EASA) medical certificate or licence where the licensing authority is an aviation authority other than the UK CAA, or the state of issue is a state other than the UK, must change their “State of Licence Issue” to the UK. Please see the CAA webpage for full details: How to obtain a UK EASA Licence if you hold a non-UK medical certificate/licence – Changing “State of Licence Issue (SOLI)”   PLEASE NOTE that this is UK CAA POLICY, based on EASA Implementing Rules and Acceptable Means of Compliance; as a UK Aeromedical Centre we will apply this policy STRICTLY.  It requires reports and data to be transmitted from the non-UK authority to the UK CAA. If, for any reason, the non-UK authority does not or will not transmit the required reports and data, a UK CAA EU(EASA) medical certificate will NOT be issued. This reality cannot be changed by telephoning us – we sympathise with the plight of those affected, but the policy exists for good reason, we will not collude in attempts to circumvent it. If anyone calls for advice we can only advise them to read this page and the links very carefully. So if you disagree please do not call us to say so!

Note 2(a): EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE for applicants who have a CURRENT or EXPIRED JAA Class 2, or EU (EASA) Class 2 or LAPL medical certificate issued by an aviation authority OTHER THAN the UK CAA, or by an AME acting on behalf of an aviation authority other than the UK CAA: It is ESSENTIAL to change your “State of Licence Issue” to the UK, BEFORE attending for an Initial EU (EASA) Class 1 medical, otherwise we will be UNABLE TO CARRY OUT YOUR INITIAL CLASS 1 MEDICAL. This applies even in the case of an applicant who has no flying experience and did not even apply for a PPL or LAPL, and in the case of an applicant who applied for a a non-UK JAA Class 2, or EU(EASA) Class 2 or LAPL but was denied certification or had his application deferred or referred.

Note 2(b): VERY IMPORTANT NOTE for applicants who have an EXPIRED JAA Class 1 or EU (EASA) Class 1 medical certificate issued by an aviation authority OTHER THAN the UK CAA, or by an AME acting on behalf of an aviation authority other than the UK CAA: It is NOT NECESSARY to attend an Aeromedical Centre in the UK. We will be UNABLE to issue a UK CAA EU (EASA) medical certificate; whilst we are able to carry out a non-UK renewal medical in this situation, and would post the medical examination records to the non-UK Authority Medical Section, it is still necessary to change the State of Licence Issue to the UK. We therefore recommend a renewal medical in the non-UK State of Licence Issue, and then start the SOLI change process. Should an applicant in this situation find it more convenient to attend our Aeromedical Centre, for example they live in the UK, we will of course be pleased to carry out the renewal medical.

Note 2(c) IMPORTANT NOTE for applicants who have a CURRENT EU (EASA) Class 1 medical certificate issued by an aviation authority OTHER THAN the UK CAA, or by an AME acting on behalf of an aviation authority other than the UK CAA: There is NO NEED to attend for a medical – just follow the SOLI change procedure.

Note 3:  If you have not attended our practice before, it is essential to bring your passport for identification – we are obliged to check this and take a photocopy; it is not possible to proceed with the medical until we have seen the original, current passport; a scan, copy, even if certified or notarised, or a photo driving licence is not acceptable.

Note 4:  Please bring medical reports in respect of any significant current or past medical history.  Applicants who have had LASIK or other refractive procedures must provide a report from the centre that carried out the surgery.  Details should include dates and type of surgery performed, pre-operative refraction and details of any complications.  Please see CAA Guidance following eye surgery.

Note 5: Please read Notes for Initial Class 1 Applicants before booking an initial Class 1 medical.  We do not accept applicants under the age of 17 years; applicants aged 17 years should carefully read the GMC Guidance on under-18s and seek advice on the content from a parent or person with parental responsibility if the content is  unclear, and are recommended to attend with a parent or person with parental responsibility.  At the time of the medical examination the applicant will be requested to sign a confirmation statement to the effect that they are aware of the content of the GMC Guidance, and indicate (i) whether there are any aspects that they wish to discuss with the AME, (ii) whether they wish to involve a parent or person with parental responsibility in this discussion, and (iii) whether they wish the parent or person with parental responsibility to be present during any or all parts of the medical examination.

Note 6:  If attending for an initial Class 1 medical, please download and complete the Medical Certificate Application form (Form MED 160) beforehand.  For renewal medicals, we will print out Form Med 160 when you attend, with your personal details pre-completed.

Note 7:  Medical standards and guidance are published by the CAA: CAA Medical Standards and Guidance

Medical Certificate Application form (Form MED 160) download:  Form MED 160

Comprehensive Eye Examination form downloads:

For pilots:  Form MED 162

For ATCOs:  Form Euro3 MED 162

Note 8: Obesity: Initial applicants with a BMI > 35 will need blood tests, cardiological review, and medical flight test prior to certificate issue in accordance with the CAA guidance.  6 monthly cardiological follow-up is then required following certificate issue.  Our administrative fee is £144.00 including VAT, laboratory fee £60.00 including VAT, total £204.00 including VAT payable at the time of the initial medical, and in accordance with our fee for “Review report received/casework (per specialty) – simple” (see Fees page) for follow-up report review.  It is recommended to attend the initial Class 1 medical with a BMI below 35.

Note 9:  OML (as or with co-pilot) limitation:  CAA Medical Standards and Guidance documents indicate that an OML (as or with co-pilot) limitation may be applied to a medical certificate in certain medical conditions. Until 18 January 2018 this only applied to existing professional pilot licence holders. Applicants for an initial Class 1 medical certificate who appear to meet the standard for OML certification but do not meet the standard for unrestricted Class 1 certification will be referred to CAA Medical Dept, and issuance of initial Class 1 OML medical certificate will be considered by the CAA. Please note that whilst it is now possible to obtain an initial issue Class 1 OML medical certificate, it is not clear whether this might be a competitive disadvantage when seeking employment with an airline. It should be noted that professional pilots with an OML limitation are unable to fly with another pilot over the age of 60 or who holds an OML, in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011 MED.B.001 (d)(1)(ii) which we understand continues to be applied by UK CAA, hence an airline is unable to utilise such pilots as flexibly as a pilot with an unrestricted medical certificate. Please note that Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011 MED.B.001 (d)(1)(i) restricts the use of OML to holders of CPL, ATPL or MPL, hence other EU member states are unlikely to automatically adopt a similar policy.

Note 10:  Brexit:  In view of uncertainties regarding the outcome of Brexit negotiations, it is recommended that pilots and applicants familiarise themselves with developments.  Please see CAA EU Exit Guidance.
Please note that we are applying for approval as an EASA Aeromedical Centre; once we have this approval, we should be able to continue to carry out renewal/revalidation Class 1 medicals for holders of Austrian, Irish and all other EU states’ ATPLs, CPLs and PPLs, irrespective of the outcome of Brexit.

UPDATE 2 February 2020:

From EASA update on 01 February 2020:

“The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on 31/01/2020 at midnight (Brussels time) and is now a Third Country.  Under the terms of its Withdrawal Agreement, EU Law will apply for the UK during a transition period until 31/12/2020.  During this time, the UK will be treated as an EU member state, but will no longer take part in any decision making or decision shaping activities at EASA (‘principle of non-participation’)”.

Hence we are able to carry out renewal and revalidation medical examinations on holders of Austrian and Irish licences, and all EU27 licences at least until the current planned end of the transition period, 31 December 2020; there is no need to have the medical carried out by a non-UK AME.  We are seeking approval to continue to issue EU27 medical certificates beyond the end of the transition period.

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