*** Update 27 May 2018: The online booking system has been updated and normal online booking service has been resumed. Please note that clients registered on the old system will need to re-register on the new system. In the event of any bugs or difficulties please email with a concise description of the issue, including type of device eg iPhone, Android phone, Windows 10, Apple Mac etc. ***

Bookings can be made online or by telephone (01293 776996). The online booking system will send an e-mail confirmation.

Initial Class 1 medical fees and payment:  Using the online booking system – select:
(i) Service = “CAA EASA Initial Class 1”;

(ii) Staff member =  Initial Class 1 AME.

Payment of the deposit of £240.00 (including VAT) for Initial Class 1 medical is made by online payment when booking online, or by credit card/debit card at the time of booking by telephone.  The balance of £354.00 (including VAT) is payable at the time of the medical by credit or debit card, cash or cheque.  Please see Cancellation Policy in Note 1 on “Professional Aircrew and ATCO Medicals” page.  Please do not book an initial class 1 medical if you actually need a routine medical – see next paragraph! The only exception is an extended renewal of JAA or EASA Class 1 where the single-pilot commercial air transport privileges expired more than 5 years before the planned renewal date; in this case please book a CAA EASA Initial Class 1 medical.

Routine Medicals:  This includes ALL other medicals, eg renewal/revalidation CAA EASA Class 1, initial/renewal/revalidation CAA EASA Class 2, all classes of initial and renewal FAA medicals, etc.   Using the online booking system – select:
(i) Service = “Routine medical”;
(ii) Staff member =  Dr David Tallent.

Payment of fees for routine medicals is made at the time of the medical, by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.  No deposit is payable at the time of booking.