*** Update 27 May 2018: The online booking system has been updated and normal online booking service has been resumed. Please note that clients registered on the old system will need to re-register on the new system. In the event of any bugs or difficulties please email with a concise description of the issue, including type of device eg iPhone, Android phone, Windows 10, Apple Mac etc. ***

Bookings can be made online or by telephone (01293 776996). The online booking system will send an e-mail confirmation.

Initial Class 1 medical fees and payment:  Using the online booking system – select:
(i) Service = “CAA EASA Initial Class 1”;

(ii) Staff member =  Initial Class 1 AME.

Payment of the deposit of £240.00 (including VAT) for Initial Class 1 medical is made by online payment when booking online, or by credit card/debit card at the time of booking by telephone.  The balance of £354.00 (including VAT) is payable at the time of the medical by credit or debit card, cash or cheque.  Please see Cancellation Policy in Note 1 on “Professional Aircrew and ATCO Medicals” page.

The initial Class 1 fee of £594.00 including VAT is valid only for medicals carried out before 10 January 2019 – please see “Professional aircrew and ATCO” page.

Please do not book an initial class 1 medical if you actually need a routine medical – see Routine Medicals paragraph below! The only exception is an extended renewal of JAA or EASA Class 1 where the single-pilot commercial air transport privileges expired more than 5 years before the planned renewal date; in this case please book a CAA EASA Initial Class 1 medical.

Please note that the total fee (deposit and balance) covers the initial Class 1 medical only.  Additional fees are charged in the event that we need to write referrals, review reports, carry out casework etc.  Please see “Fees” page on this website for details.

Please download and complete pages 1 and 2 of Form Med 160, do not sign or date it at this stage, then scan (i) the completed Form Med 160, (ii) your passport, as PDF documents using a scanner, and send them as email attachments to:  medicals at avmed dot org dot uk, using
“Initial Class 1 – date of medical – Surname First Name” as the email subject.   Please remember to BRING THE COMPLETED PAPER HARDCOPY MED 160, AND YOUR PASSPORT, WHEN YOU ATTEND.  You will be asked to confirm that the Form Med 160 is fully and correctly completed, then sign and date it, when you attend.
Completion of Form Med 160:  Please bear in mind that it is a data entry document, so please write legibly.  Do not omit any of your middle names, postcode, mobile phone number, email address, hours flown (enter “0” if you have no flying experience – “N/A” is for ATCO applicants only); if you have had any contact with the CAA, it is highly likely that you will have a CAA Reference Number – many applicants forget this; If you are not sure whether to tick a “yes” or “no” box in respect of your medical history, please leave that box blank and discuss with the AME when you attend.

Routine Medicals:  This includes ALL other medicals, eg renewal/revalidation CAA EASA Class 1, initial/renewal/revalidation CAA EASA Class 2, all classes of initial and renewal FAA medicals, etc.   Using the online booking system – select:
(i) Service = “Routine medical”;
(ii) Staff member =  Dr David Tallent.

Payment of fees for routine medicals is made at the time of the medical, by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.  No deposit is payable at the time of booking.