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Private Pilot Medicals

We carry out  EU (EASA) Class 2 medical certificates for Private Pilot Licences.

LAPL Medicals:  We no longer carry out LAPL medicals (effective 1 February 2018).

Notes for EU (EASA) Class 2 medicals:

Note 1:  If you have not attended our practice before, it is essential to bring your passport for identification – we are obliged to check this.

Note 2:  Please bring medical reports in respect of any significant current or past medical history.  Applicants who have had LASIK or other refractive procedures must provide a report from the centre that carried out the surgery.  Details should include dates and type of surgery performed, pre-operative refraction and details of any complications.  Please see CAA Guidance following eye surgery.

Note 3:  If attending for an initial Class 2 medical, please download and complete the Medical Certificate Application form (Form MED 160) beforehand.  For renewal medicals, we will print out Form Med 160 when you attend, with your personal details pre-completed.

Note 4:  Medical standards and guidance are published by the CAA: CAA Medical Standards and Guidance

Note 5:  We do not accept applicants under the age of 17 years; applicants aged 17 years should carefully read the GMC Guidance on under-18s and seek advice on the content from a parent or person with parental responsibility if the content is  unclear, and are recommended to attend with a parent or person with parental responsibility.  At the time of the medical examination the applicant will be requested to sign a confirmation statement to the effect that they are aware of the content of the GMC Guidance, and indicate (i) whether there are any aspects that they wish to discuss with the AME, (ii) whether they wish to involve a parent or person with parental responsibility in this discussion, and (iii) whether they wish the parent or person with parental responsibility to be present during any or all parts of the medical examination.

Medical Certificate Application form (Form MED 160) download:  Form MED 160

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