Bookings can be made online or by telephone (01293 776996). The online booking system will send an e-mail confirmation.

Initial Class 1 medical fees and payment:

Payment of the deposit of £240.00 (including VAT) for Initial Class 1 medical is made by Paypal when booking online, or by credit card/debit card at the time of booking by telephone.  The balance of £354.00 (including VAT) is payable at the time of the medical by credit or debit card, cash or cheque.  Please see Cancellation Policy in Note 1 on “Professional Aircrew and ATCO Medicals” page.

All other medicals:

Payment of fees for all other medicals is made at the time of the medical, by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.  No deposit is payable at the time of booking.



Please note that the online booking system will indicate:

(i) an appointment START TIME – this is the time your medical starts;

(ii) a FINISH TIME (this may be anything from 15 to 45 minutes after the START TIME) – this does NOT indicate the duration of the appointment, or the time of completion of the medical – it indicates the interval between successive appointments for different clients, and is therefore of no relevance to the client. In other words, you only need 1 appointment slot for a medical, even if you are booking an extra medical, eg. a CAA and FAA medical simultaneously.

(iii) in the case of Initial Class 1 medical – payment by Paypal of the deposit of £240.00 including VAT will be required to complete the booking.  Please ensure that you carefully read the relevant information on “Professional aircrew and ATCO” page, including the document “Notes for initial Class 1 applicants” before booking – and certainly before attending.

Typically an appointment duration is 45 – 60 minutes for a Class 1 renewal/revalidation or other medical, and 3 – 4 hours for a Class 1 Initial medical.

Please read this paragraph:  You should receive an e-mail confirmation – if not please call us to check that your appointment has indeed been registered, or try again to book the same slot – if it is still available, the first attempt failed – please look carefully at your computer/phone/tablet screen and make sure you have not omitted a final “Submit” – you may need to scroll down perhaps depending on device/browser.