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Dr Tallent is a qualified AME (Aeromedical Examiner) and can therefore examine all commercial pilots for EU (EASA) medical certificates.  Brookdale Medical Centre is an Aero-Medical Centre, approved by the UK CAA to carry out EU (EASA) Class 1 initial and renewal/revalidation medical examinations.

Aircrew medical certificates for which Dr Tallent is fully authorised include:

  • EU (EASA) Class One initial and renewal/revalidation for Professional Pilots (Please see notes below)
  • EU (EASA) Class Two initial and renewal/revalidation for Private Pilots
  • European Class Three renewal/revalidation for Air Traffic Control Officers
  • CAA Class One for Flight Engineers
  • FAA (US) Class First, Second and Third
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Seychelles

Some aviation authorities require blood tests (eg lipid profile, fasting blood glucose, haemoglobin), cardiovascular risk assessment, stress ECG – we perform all of these in-house.

Note 1: Initial EU (EASA) Class 1 medical examinations are carried out on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  The charge for an Initial Class 1 medical is £490 + VAT (Total including VAT £588.00), payable on the day of the medical by credit/debit card, cheque or cash. CANCELLATION POLICY: We appreciate a call to cancel an appointment if necessary for any reason, no cancellation fee is payable.

Please be considerate to others: If you are not going to attend please let us know – you don’t need to give a reason – your appointment slot can then be made available for someone else who may urgently need it.

Note 2: Applicants wishing to obtain a UK CAA EU (EASA) Licence, who hold, or have held, a JAA or EU (EASA) medical certificate or licence issued by an aviation authority other than the UK CAA, must change their “State of Licence Issue” to the UK. Please see the CAA webpage for full details: How to obtain a UK EASA Licence if you hold a non-UK medical certificate/licence – Changing “State of Licence Issue (SOLI)”   PLEASE NOTE that this is UK CAA POLICY, based on EASA Implementing Rules and Acceptable Means of Compliance; as a UK Aeromedical Centre we will apply this policy STRICTLY.  It requires reports and data to be transmitted from the non-UK authority to the UK CAA. If, for any reason, the non-UK authority does not or will not transmit the required reports and data, a UK CAA EU(EASA) medical certificate will NOT be issued. This reality cannot be changed by telephoning us – we sympathise with the plight of those affected, but the policy exists for good reason, we will not collude in attempts to circumvent it. If anyone calls for advice we can only advise them to read this page and the links very carefully. So if you disagree please do not call us to say so!

Note 2(a): EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE for applicants who have a CURRENT or EXPIRED JAA Class 2 or EU (EASA) Class 2 medical certificate issued by an aviation authority OTHER THAN the UK CAA, or by an AME acting on behalf of an aviation authority other than the UK CAA: It is ESSENTIAL to change your “State of Licence Issue” to the UK, BEFORE attending for an Initial EU (EASA) Class 1 medical, otherwise we will be UNABLE TO CARRY OUT YOUR INITIAL CLASS 1 MEDICAL. This applies even in the case of an applicant who has no flying experience and did not even apply for a PPL, and in the case of an applicant who applied for a a non-UK JAA Class 2 or EU(EASA) Class 2 but was denied certification or had his application deferred or referred.

Note 2(b): VERY IMPORTANT NOTE for applicants who have an EXPIRED JAA Class 1 or EU (EASA) Class 1 medical certificate issued by an aviation authority OTHER THAN the UK CAA, or by an AME acting on behalf of an aviation authority other than the UK CAA: It is NOT NECESSARY to attend an Aeromedical Centre in the UK. We will be UNABLE to issue a UK CAA EU (EASA) medical certificate; whilst we are able to carry out a non-UK renewal medical in this situation, and would post the medical examination records to the non-UK Authority Medical Section, it is still necessary to change the State of Licence Issue to the UK. We therefore recommend a renewal medical in the non-UK State of Licence Issue, and then start the SOLI change process. Should an applicant in this situation find it more convenient to attend our Aeromedical Centre, for example they live in the UK, we will of course be pleased to carry out the renewal medical.

Note 2(c) IMPORTANT NOTE for applicants who have a CURRENT EU (EASA) Class 1 medical certificate issued by an aviation authority OTHER THAN the UK CAA, or by an AME acting on behalf of an aviation authority other than the UK CAA: There is NO NEED to attend for a medical – just follow the SOLI change procedure.

Note 3:  If you have not attended our practice before, it is essential to bring your passport for identification – we are obliged to check this and take a photocopy; it is not possible to proceed with the medical until we have seen the original, current passport; a scan, copy, even if certified or notarised, or a photo driving licence is not acceptable.

Note 4:  Please bring medical reports in respect of any significant current or past medical history.  Applicants who have had LASIK or other refractive procedures must provide a report from the centre that carried out the surgery.  Details should include dates and type of surgery performed, pre-operative refraction and details of any complications.  Please see CAA Guidance following eye surgery.

Note 5: Please read Notes for Initial Class 1 Applicants before booking an initial Class 1 medical.

Note 6:  If attending for an initial Class 1 medical, please download and complete the Medical Certificate Application form (Form MED 160) beforehand.  For renewal medicals, we will print out Form Med 160 when you attend, with your personal details pre-completed.

Note 7:  Medical standards and guidance are published by the CAA: CAA Medical Standards and Guidance

Medical Certificate Application form (Form MED 160) download:  Form MED 160

Comprehensive Eye Examination form downloads:

For pilots:  Form MED 162

For ATCOs:  Form Euro3 MED 162

Note 8: Obesity: Initial applicants with a BMI > 35 will need blood tests, cardiological review, and medical flight test prior to certificate issue in accordance with the CAA guidance. It is recommended to attend the initial Class 1 medical with a BMI below 35.